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The first SHIFT album, Funk-Electro-World with 10 titles has been produced in marseille in 2007 in 2010 they made an LP of 5 songs. The SHIFT BERTRAND ROBINNE Funk-Electro-World Live Band has been created in june 2009 at Distelweg 113 in Amsterdam with Bertrand Robinne, Rodger Ronde, Stijn Warendorff . The fusion of these talented professional musicians and this year 2014 Belou Dentex and Nela Lyengo joint the SHIFT gives a Groovy Funky-Electro-World feeling on all dance fluor.

The SHIFT public is very receptive and love to dance on the groovy tunes. The band can perform 2h00 on stage at full power and A NEW COMPLETE ALBUM WILL COME SOON !.


Bertrand Robinne is a french Funky groovy drummer and composer born in 1968 in paris. Formation : Berklee College of Music in Boston U.S.A one year and half., 1 year in the C.I.M school of jazz in Paris and 3 years of conservatory. Bertrand travelled with his drums during 2 years in Afrika, Marocco, Senegal, Niger, Tchad ,Cameroun, Centre afrika, Algeria, and 6 months in Martinique. He performed for artists, like Sheyla Costa ( Brazil ), Amadou Balde ( Senegal ), Tchale ( Benin ), Edwin Denninger ( France ), Elde Positif Struggle ( France ), Vibe Addiction ( France ), Lalouzz ( Netherlands), Kristina Hanses ( Sweden ), Clover Jean ( England ), Pako Sarr ( Senegal ) and many more… Recording music is also a part of his professionnal life as he did until now for Amadou Balde, Clover Jean, SHIFT, Edwin Denninger, some samples of drums … It is finally in Amsterdam that Bertrand decided 5 years ago to settle down and form his own band ‘SHIFT’ with talented and inspired musicians. Today the band is a part of the Nederland scene. He is performing , recording for artists and teaching drums in Netherlands.


Belou den tex is a young woman in her 30s and is a tuff one.. a very inspired writer,talented and experienced actriss,dancer and singer .. with a lot of knowlidge about arts and the collective mind..she has created her very own style,..this groing out of the streets the concreet city of amsterdam..ofcourse her love started with HIP HOP! rappin,dancing and graffiti..but the world is so big and so much more to be explored so she been in different movies,worked for mtv bunnim and murray the past and is now a talented performer..she has and still works on different art,(styling,choreo)and music projects with soul,blues,electro,indie rock,funk and dance..right now with orlando voorn(dance)detroit,blue apples with paulisme,and shift with shift bertrand robinne.


Nela lyengo,shes a woman in her 20s with big dreams and great talent ,she have worked on different dance projects ,and different photoshoots,she makes choreos for different bands (shift) and has expierence in jazz and hip hop lyrical.she is very good in telling a story with dance,she has also studiet club and comercial dance,she plays the guitar and is a singer..she has been acting in spangas a famous dutch soap.she has her own way of approaching the art of dancing and connecting it to other arts..p>


Belou Dentex and Nela Lyengo are two great singers and dancer From the artist Familly


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